The Early Years

The Inn was originally constructed in the 1890s. It was originally designed to be a residence for a wealthy family, but soon after the house was complete, the family fell on hard times and was forced to sell the house. It was bought by Thomas Harding, a wealthy bachelor who went on to become Mayor of the local town. Upon his death, he left the house to his nephew, who lived there with his family until 1946. In 1946, the family decided to move to a smaller house after having lost two of their sons in WWII. They sold the house to James and Debbi Johnson, who moved in and began somemuch needed repairs and renovations.

Modern times

After about forty years in the home, the Johnsons chose to move out, intending to give the house to one of their children when they returned from college on the East Coast. After some time, it became clear that none of their children intended to return to the area, and so the Johnsons decided to sell the house. We recognized the property's historic value, and chose to buy the home and convert it to a Bed and Breakfast. After 16 months of renovations and conversion into a Bed and Breakfast we opened in 1991. Business has continued since, with the exception of a 6-month close for repairs in 2014.

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